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"I'm sure at times people thought, who is this little shit?" -Michael Bradley
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Matt has some important news!

Hey everyone, my new twitter handle is . My account and followers has stayed the exact same, just the handle has changed.

The reason for the change is Twitter has asked me bc there were some people making fake accounts. Also, my Instagram is also

Here’s the proof that my new handle is . Thanks!

I’m going on a campus tour to Seton Hall on Thursday and they recommend people download their virtual tour app.


Amazing World Cup Moments by Fishfinger Creative Agency (more)

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Kelley’s golazo (HD)

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FIFA 2014: Top 32 Teams in the WORLD!

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FC Bayern Munich Desktop and iPhone wallpaper (requested by petrichorponds)

see more Bundesliga wallpaper here

(Note: I will not be making other Bundesliga wallpapers unless requested to do so)

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